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The Super Duty Series wood cutting saws are the ultimate radial arm saws of the industry. With their large 7.5 horsepower arbor motors, they are capable of operating 2 to 3 shifts per day in an industrial wood cutting environment.  These radial arm saws are capable of a wide variety of wood cutting operations including miter cutting, bevel cutting, compound miter work and can cut off wood that is up to 8″  thick in a single pass.  These 22-inch radial arm saws are set apart from the standard Super Duty series saws by the shorter arbors which allow a deeper depth of cut at a 45 degree bevel, and no ability to swivel to a rip position. These saws can be outfitted with a powered carriage option that converts the machine to pushbutton operation.


These radial arm saws weigh in at a massive 850-pounds and are constructed of cast and ductile iron for vibration free operation. These saws are much more than a radial arm saw.  When coupled with optional equipment, they are a wood cutting platform for a wide variety of cutoff work as well as dado operations both in manual and semi-automatic modes.  Our American made saws are built in our Northern Iowa facility with American castings and American made motors.

Original Saw - 22" Super Duty Radial Arm Saws with Variable Frequency Drive

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Series Specific Highlights:

    • 7.5 hp 3 phase motors on Model Cat# 3554, 3559
    • Automatic blade braking system (through VFD)
    • Manual chain cross feed
    • Variable frequency drive for arbor motor reduces startup amp inrush by 90% for smooth operation
    • Adjustable cross cut stop
    • Standard lower elevation on front of frame
    • 16″ crosscut on Medium arm machines (cat# 3554)
    • 24″ crosscut on Long arm machines (cat# 3559)
    • Base column lock on all Super Duty models
    • Precision carriage riding on 8 wide contact double row ball bearings, providing a very smooth vibrations free travel.
    • Oversized MDF table top
    • Powder coated heavy gage steel frame and legs
    • Standard work table height 33″
    • Arbor nut and precision ground blade collars
    • Wrench kit (includes allen arbor wrench, flat arbor wrench & misc allen wrenches)


    Optional Equipment:

    • Electronic power feed
    • Pneumatic clamping system
    • Roller extension tables
    • S-series measuring system
    • Dust collection shroud

    All Contractor Duty, Heavy Duty and Super Duty Series motors are manufactured in our Northern Iowa facility. Producing our own motors allows us to uphold a very high level of quality in our machines. These totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors are manufactured with cooling ducts that move air through the motor laminations to keep them cool while keeping the internal portion of the motor sealed from dust and contamination. These motors also offer the added benefit of an integrated electro-mechanical brake system. These brake systems continue to operate even when the power drops out. Electronic brake systems cannot compete with the durability or reliability of our electromechanical brake systems.

    Model Crosscut Height Depth Blade Size (Dia)
    3551 24" (609 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 51" (1296 mm) 16" (400 mm)
    3556 32" (813 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 59" (1500 mm) 16" (400 mm)
    3571 24" (609 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 51" (1296 mm) 16" (400 mm)
    3576 32" (813 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 59" (1500 mm) 16" (400 mm)
    3553 24" (609 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 51" (1296 mm) 20" (500 mm)
    3558 32" (813 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 59" (1500 mm) 20" (500 mm)
    3554 23" (584 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 51" (1296 mm) 22" (550 mm)
    3559 31" (787 mm) 64" (1626 mm) 59" (1500 mm) 22" (550 mm)
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