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The M1111 Milling Machine has all of the important features of the M1110, but with additional time-saving luxuries. This deluxe milling machine is equipped with a quick-tilt headstock for horizontal milling, 1 HP brushless DC motor, a multi-function digital depth scale on the quill, push-button speed control, and digital spindle tachometer. The quick-reverse tapping feature simplifies hole threading—Just put the machine in “tapping mode,” start the tap, and once threading is complete, push a button to reverse the spindle and immediately withdraw the tap from the hole. A back-lit digital display provides precise spindle speed for matching tooling and material. All of these extra features make the M1111 one of the most sought-after milling machines available!

M1111 6" x 21" Deluxe Variable Speed Mill / Drill

SKU: 754001511118
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