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Enjoy the precision-ground dovetail column that allows fast and easy tool changes without having to re-register the spindle centerline. The Z-axis handwheel with the fully geared lift system easily raises and lowers the headstock through 14-7/8" of travel. Features an R8 spindle and 3/4 HP reversible, variable-speed universal motor with an all-steel gearbox that provides high and low speed ranges to maximize spindle torque when milling tough jobs. The precision-ground cast-iron milling table with coolant troughs and drain will accept an aftermarket coolant system and power feed. These features, combined with the outstanding X and Y table travel of 15-7/8" x 5-3/4" make the M1110 Mill/Drill one of our most popular units.

M1110 6" x 21" Variable Speed Mill / Drill

SKU: 754001511101
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