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Clausing/Colchester 18" & 21" Swing, Variable Speed Lathes


18" VS21" VS
 Height of center9" (229mm)11.02" (280mm)
 Swing over bed18.1" (460mm)21.81" (554mm)
 Swing in gap28.74" (730mm)32.68" (830mm)
 Width in front of faceplate8.5" (216mm)8.5" (216mm)
 Swing over cross slide10.62" (216mm)14.57" (370mm)
 Bedway width15.75" (400mm)15.75" (400mm)
 Spindle bore3" (76mm)4.09" (104mm)
 Spindle nose (camlock)D1-8D1-11
 Spindle nose taper5MT5MT
 Number of spindle speeds3 infinitely variable3 infinitely variable
 Spindle Speed Range (rpm)20-200018-1800
 Low range (rpm)20-22518-200
 Mid range (rpm)60-67555-605
 High range (rpm)175-2000100-1800
Cross/Top Slide
 Travel of cross slide11.81" (249mm)11.81" (249mm)
 Width of cross slide8" (203mm)8" (203mm)
 Travel of top slide7.5" (190mm)7.5" (190mm)
 Width of top side4" (102mm)4" (102mm)
 Quill travel5.7" (145mm)5.7" (145mm)
 Quill Diameter3.74" (95mm)3.74" (95mm)
 Quill taper6MT6MT
Feeds and Threading
 Longitudinal feed range (in)0.0016 - 0.11in/rev0.0016 - 0.11in/rev
 (mm)0.041 - 2.79mm/rev.041 - 2.79mm/rev
 Cross feed range (in)0.0008 - 0.055in/rev0.0008 - 0.055in/rev
 (mm).02 - 1.4mm/rev0.02 - 1.4mm/rev
 Number of inch pitches7373
 Range of inch pitches2 - 84 TPI2 - 84 TPI
 Number of metric pitches5127
 Range of metric pitches0.2 - 14mm0.2 - 14mm
 Number of diametral pitches2727
 Range of diametral pitches8 - 72 DP8 - 72 DP
 Number of module pitches2751
 Range of module pitches0.2 - 3.5 MOD0.2 - 3.5 MOD
 Spindle motor15 hp (10kw)15 hp (10kw)
Models and Dimensions
8054VSJ60" (1500mm)120" (3000mm)51" (1300mm)51" (1300mm)5,765 lbs (2615kg)
8055VSJ80" (2000mm)140" (3556mm)51" (1300mm)51" (1300mm)6,170 lbs (2799kg)
8115VSJ60" (1500mm)120" (3000mm)51" (1300mm)51" (1300mm)5,886 lbs (2670kg)
8116VSJ80" (2000mm)140" (3556mm)51" (1300mm)51" (1300mm)6,283 lbs (2850kg)
8119VSJ120" (3000mm)180" (4572mm)51" (1300mm)51" (1300mm)7,960 lbs (3611kg)

Clausing Variable Speed Lathes 18" & 21"

  • 18" & 21" Diameter Swing, Variable Speed

    Standard Features…

    • State-of-the-art AC Spindle Drive features surface mount technology to give compact size and high reliability
    • Interlocked end guard door for easy access for maintenance and changing end train gears
    • Faster thread cutting - Reversal of the Leadscrew with the spindle running at low speed
    • An easy-to-read index plate makes it simple to select the proper feed or threads
    • Three headstock gear ranges a wide spread of constant power - 33 to 1 - better than most CNC lathes
    • Infinitely variable spindle speeds displayed on headstock
    • Electromagnetic spindle brake
    • Spindle bearings, gears and shafts are lubricated by a forced lubricationsystem
    • Precision Gamet tapered roller spindle bearings
    • Chuck guard with limit switch
    • Carriage ways coated with “Moglice” PTFE for minimal bedwear and longer machine life
    • Saddle Mounted Chip Guard and Full Rear Splash Guard
    • Extra Wide Heavy-duty Cast Iron Bed with triangular webs for torsional stiffness and excellent chip clearance
    • 2 axis rapid traverse available from one lever mounted on saddle
    • Heavy duty tailstock with extra heavy-duty quill
    • Single piece leadscrew cover protects leadscrew from chips
    • Large capacity rollout chip bin for easy chip disposal
    • All bedways are induction hardened and precision ground
    • Heavyweight cast iron bases provide the maximum support for the bed combined with sloping top surfaces to prevent the accumulation of coolant