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The first machine sold in 1938 and quickly became famous for small and medium sized vertical milling machines. These machines featured an iconic for of quill-equipped multiple speed vertical milling machine head, with a ram-on-turret mounting over a knee and column base.

The American Precision Museum's biography of Rudolph Bannow (founder and creator of Bridgeport) reports that the idea was conceived in 1936 as the logical machine on which to mount the milling head already being built by Bridgeport Pattern and Model Works. The first machine Serial #1 is and display at the museum. 

Our lines crossed early in the mid nineteenth century. People wanted these machines and we were the place to get them. These machines were so popular that a lot of people refer to a Vertical Milling Machine as  "Bridgeport."

There are many of these machines out there still in use or in need of some TLC.

We are proud to have outfitted shops all over the midwest with Bridgeport Milling Machines for years and now we are proud to be able to offer a complete Bridgeport Restoration.

Restoring a machine that helped make America great is an honor for Ornamental Products owner, Greg Pratt.

Bridgeport Milling Machine

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